Three New Projects 09 Jun 2009

We have three exciting designs on going.

First, the carving of the Lord Baltimore is the fifth and quite likely the final piece in a nature series of cabinets. This will be painted but because of the delicacy of the leaves and petals, the wood choice is hardrock maple. Slow going, but it holds up well.

Hardrock Maple Carved Hibiscus

The next piece is a round table… well, three tables that form a drum. These can be rearranged into different footprints depending on the space available.

Adjustable Three Part Table Molded Plywood

Vacuum Bag Wood Molding

Molded Wood Shells

The third piece is a settee. The basic frame holds the bent laminations of seat/back support staves. Originally, the piece was designed as a chair, but as it’s developing, it seemed more casual.

Chair Design

Molded Wood Settee Chair Back